Our brand protection enforcement team is equipped with proprietary technology that AGGRESSIVELY detects and removes counterfeit products and services.

It’s time to protect YOUR intellectual property, customers, and profits!


"BrandTKO.com has provided us the confidence to continue disruption in an entire category; knowing Alex and his team are there to protect our brand."

Josh Elizetxe
CEO TrySnow.com
Josh Elizetxe Testimonial

"If you sell courses you should reach out to my guys at BrandTKO.com. We gave his company BrandTKO a shot and they have done very well."

Justin Brooke
Adskills.com Founder
Justin Brooke Testimonial

"Alex's team get's it done! I told them one of my online courses was pirated and being resold. They went after them, they pursued them, chased them, and got it done until they removed it!"

Joshua Lisec
Joshua Lisec Testimonial

I gotta say, I had my doubts but the BrandTKO Team Knocked it OUT for me. I had a review that was on our google page from a competitor that plagued us for over 2 years. The BrandTKO team quickly attacked it and got it taken off... pushing us to a 5 Star Review! Which now is going on all of our marketing material! If you have any doubts at ALL, drop them... because with these guys... you are in the right hands. Thanks again BrandTKO Team! "

Jonathan Tynes
Jonathan Tynes Testimonial

Our Plans To Protect YOU


$1500 / month

  • Aggressive IP Search
  • You Submit Counterfeits
  • Electronic C&D Letters
  • Electronic DMCA Letters
  • Direct Emailing & DMs for Removal
  • Notify Hosting for Takedown
  • Notify Social Platforms for Takedown
  • Notify Search Engines for Takedown
Plan Comparison Purchase Plan


$3000 / month

  • + Includes Guardian Plan
  • Monitoring Search Engine Results
  • Search Result Suppression
  • Electronic C&D Letters
  • Electronic DMCA Letters
  • Review Management (All Platforms)
  • Positive Review Campaigns
  • Audit & Contest Bad Reviews
Plan Comparison Purchase Plan


$8000 / month

  • + Includes Guardian + Defender Plans
  • Social Media Conversation Control
  • Monthly Press Release
  • Developing Brand Properties
  • Physical C&D + DMCA Letters
  • Google My Business Full Management
  • 24/7 Phone & Text Message & Ticket Support
Plan Comparison Purchase Plan