Online Courses

Courses are Being Ripped Off and Resold at a Record Pace.

You put your blood, sweat, and tears into creating an online course, only to find out somebody else is re-selling it!

Why would someone else sell your course?

It’s simple, they aren’t enough companies and lawyers actively reprimanding these crooks!

This is your property, being resold by people who take shortcuts based on your hard work.

Wouldn’t you like to put a stop to this?

The saddest thing about this fraud is the public are constantly purchasing these unauthorized resold courses.

We can put a stop to this. Imagine making the public once again pay the full price for your course!

We’ve seen courses that cost as much as $500 be sold for $25. Let’s do some math…

Imagine your course is being sold by you for $500.

When you don’t use our services…

Unauthorized Seller sells 10 of your courses for $25 = $250

Your Profit = $0

When you use our services…

Unauthorized Seller Profit = $0

Your Buyers are Forced to Purchased the Courses from YOU, let’s say 5 of those same buyers from above purchase from you. Your Potential Profit = $2,500

More than likely we’ve probably witnessed your course being sold by a 3rd party seller.

Put a stop to it! Click here to find out how.

Here are some of the courses we’ve seen being sold by unauthorized sellers;

  • Dan Henry Sold Out Courses
  • Adrian Morrison Courses
  • Alex Becker Dropshipping Courses
  • Charles Ngo Courses
  • Julie Stoian Funnel Courses
  • Kevin David Courses
  • Peng Joon Courses
  • Russell Brunson Courses
  • Tai Lopez Courses
  • Biaheza Dropshipping Course
  • Bradley Benner IFTTT SEO Academy
  • Caitlin Schlichting’s Adwords IQ Academy
  • Dan Brock’s Tube Tycoon
  • Jon Morrow’s Blog Traffic Blueprint
  • Nathan Gotch’s Gotch SEO Academy 1.0 & 2.0
  • Tanner Fox’s Amazon Seller Mastery
  • Tanner Plane’s Zero to One Thousand
  • Andy Hafell’s Passive Affiliate