Our Punch Combo Brand Protection Methodology

  1. Our Proprietary Technology searches for branded and relevant keywords that represent your Brand Protection.
  2. These keywords are scanned across; websites, marketplaces, search engines, social media, and mobile apps.
  3. When a counterfeit or unauthorized product/service is detected (examining your whitelist) we send the proper correspondence to the platform for immediate removal.
  4. If our clients have a submission they’d like to submit infringing material in question themselves, we have a client ticket portal and are standing by to assist.
  5. Our clients are notified when this is all of the above is happening via our secured shared documents.
  6. You can view all progress of removals via our monthly reports.
  7. At the end of every month, we send you a report on pending, and successful takedowns.


Brand Protection

Client Onboarding

1. We study your intellectual property, patents, and copyrighted material.

2. We create a takedown plan your company is comfortable with.

3. We curate keyword pools to search for daily across the internet.

4. We create a whitelist to avoid sending removal notices to your partners and affiliates.

5. Begin sending removals and execute the plan, creating a new standard operating procedure for your company.

Client Communication (In no order)

1. Slack

2. Asana Task Management Software

3. Phone & Text

4. Submit Ticket

5. Trained Pigeon

Takedown Path Plans

1.  Direct Email

2. Contact Marketplace

3. Contact Web Hosting for Abuse

4. Technology Platform

5. Domain Registrar